Friday, March 23, 2012

Should I Hire a Disability Attorney in San Diego?

Filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits in San Diego can be an intimidating process. Let’s face it; many of us are simply not well versed on the intricacies of the Social Security Administration (SSA). However, this is not a journey you have to take alone. There are many qualified and experienced disability law attorneys that our willing to offer their expertise and assist you in obtaining your benefits.

Here are a couple of questions to consider when deciding if hiring an attorney is in your best interest.

What Do Disability Attorneys Do?
Disability attorneys are responsible for building and presenting the strongest case possible to SSA. Their principal goal is to make sure that you receive your benefits. To ensure that they are well prepared and knowledgeable, attorneys and their staff:
  • Request and review medical records
  • Continuously follow up with SSA in regards to the status of a case
  • Respond to requests made by doctors, SSA, and other 3rd parties
  • Research and write briefs, motions, and requests to SSA in an attempt to get their client’s claim awarded
  • Fill out forms on behalf of their client
  • Represent clients at hearings before an Administrative Law Judge
  • Stay in constant communication with the client, inform them of any updates, and answer any of their questions

These are just a few things that disability attorneys do to make sure that you have the strongest case possible.

How Much Do I Have to Pay My Attorney?
When considering whether or not to obtain representation, it is worth noting that disability attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that they are not entitled to payment unless you are awarded benefits.
  • SSA allows for lawyers to receive only 25% of your back pay, not to exceed $6000.00.
  • The attorney receives their fee directly from SSA before the award is mailed to the client.
  • Some attorneys may charge their clients small administrative fees. These fees are intended to cover the minor costs associated with printing, copying, postage, and the like.

The knowledge and experience an attorney can bring to the table may be invaluable. Though a disability attorney cannot guarantee that you will be awarded Social Security Disability benefits, they can guarantee that your case will be properly developed and that they will intensely advocate on your behalf.

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